30 day photo challenge day 1

i used a picture that i took when i was getting my makeup done for senior pictures, in the original picture i used a black brush to allow some of the other color to show , i also cropped the image to be a 4 by 6 and i added a black vin-yet to the edges just to add a little bit of accent. day 1.png


today was alright… i worked on vocab, and talked with Baylee and Cale and my teacher , today is gonna be a good day because it is Friday and i get to see my low-key bae…… ^_^

I’m excited cause we get to get a mani and pedi! I’m not going to the fv vs alva football game I’m going to enid and hopefully the state fair tomorrow with brooklyn


today i made a button… i talked with my friends and teacher , i looked like a bum… and i showed my teacher the 5 senior pictures i picked out last night . its senior night tonight at our softball game and it will be a good game vs ringwood


today.. i talked with Baylee and Cale, i ate chips and drank cool-aid.. i took pictures of myself and snaps , i texted and called people about lunch… and hoped Mrs. Schanbacher with there pictures of people.