today, was not good . caleb and i have been arguing all night , and my mom won’t let me go to okc this weekend , i was going to see him and its been forever like a week and a half since i saw him. so I’m frustrated i don’t wanna go to the stupid football game here in fairview i hate it


today i ate breakfast and came to vetch.. i started on a recreational poster.. i played on the floor with Baylee and watched videos of not all there people………. i listened to music as well


today i presented my prezi.. i worked on my go animate video.. and talked with Baylee and Cale .. i showed mrs. smart and schanbacher my sneak peek of senior pictures .. and ate breakfast

Today ..

today i was frustrated.. because i had to give someone a ride to school.. i wanted to sleep in more.. and was rushed… but i got to work on m t shirt design which made me more happy. and i ate breakfast and drank sweet tea.